CBD/CBG Infused Delta 8 Pre-rolls


  • 2 pre-rolls per tube
  • 0.5 grams per pre- roll


Sour Lifter is a sativa dominant hybrid that has a noticeable sweet citrus flavor mixed with a gassy, diesel flavor. This strain gives the relieving and calming effects that you are looking for while also allowing productivity and energy. The perfect daytime sativa blend. Sour lifter is one of the most highly anticipated strains of the season and will give you the focus you need to start your day right.
The White CBG is a sativa strain that works great for both nighttime and daytime. This strain provides focus and clarity without making you tired. The White will have a more subtle sweet taste but smooth effects. This strain is great by itself, but is also perfect for mixing with other CBD that gives a unique effect when smoking.
If you have smoked CBD or CBG before, Delta 8 infused CBD and CBG pre-rolls are a unique experience. These pre- rolls are for those who want their CBD flower to have more of a noticeable effect and experience while still being under0. 3% THC


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